What is this wine worth? Prices from auctions and advertised listings can be unreliable; getting the wrong answer will cost you margin. But getting the right answer requires research and knowledge which costs time and money.

Liv-ex membership gives you instant access to the largest pool of independent transaction-based pricing data; over 875m current and historic accurate price points for over ¼ million wines. Give your team and your customers data they can rely on.

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Accurate pricing data

Liv-ex data is trusted by business in 43 countries worldwide and is quoted by authorities like Bloomberg and Reuters as the industry standard.  

Stop relying on advertised wine prices which can be inaccurate and out of date. Liv-ex membership uniquely gives you access to the only database of standardised, actual transactional price data.

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Fast and accurate valuation

Going through customer or supplier lists line-by-line is time-consuming. Wine Matcher automates the highly labour intensive process of valuing wine lists. Working at 5,000-10,000 lines per minute, it standardises wine names and adds price points making it easy to spot the best buying and selling opportunities – or value client reserves fast.

Find prices faster

Our automated price APIs let you produce valuation reports directly from your internal systems – for your own lists, for your client reserves, and for any other lists you receive. These can then be shared with customers if you wish. 

Put a fast and accurate value on the wine that's of value to you

“The data is second to none and if you are remotely serious about trading wine then I always recommend that people refer to Liv-ex.”

Matthew JukesWine journalist
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Accurate prices for private individuals

If your merchant is one of over 560 worldwide who are members of Liv-ex, they can share Liv-ex’s unrivalled pricing data and insights with you. Why not ask them?

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Professional valuations

If you need a professional valuation for an insurance quote or to settle legal issues, you can contact us for a bespoke quotation. Liv-ex price data is independent and considered to be the industry standard.  

Put a fast and accurate value on the wine that's of value to you



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