The industry standard

Liv-ex data is based on the activity of over 400 fine wine merchants based in 41 countries worldwide. Their activity accounts for an estimated 90% of fine wine turnover globally. Trades, price updates, bids and offers are standardised, verified and published as tens of millions of historic lines, with thousands of daily updates of reliable, independent and trusted data.

This makes it the only source of data based on real merchant transactions, rather than advertised prices which can be inaccurate and out of date. And this is why it’s relied upon by the world’s biggest fine wine players and quoted by media outlets including Reuters and Bloomberg.

Trusted data for intelligent trading

As a Liv-ex member, the world’s most comprehensive database of fine wine price information is at your fingertips – on screen, or inside your systems. With the best data in the industry, you can make the smartest buying and selling decisions.

The best information for your customers

Liv-ex pricing data is recognised as the independent industry benchmark. As a member, you will have the right to share it with your collector customers. You can value their portfolios, share our research and keep them engaged.

Clean and value lists in minutes

With Wine Matcher, you can clean and price long lists of wines in a matter of minutes. It’s a web-based tool, meaning that it is instantly available for you to use with no start-up costs.

View it your way

Our powerful APIs enable you to customise the way that you receive our data. They can help you to view and share information from Liv-ex.

Powered by LWIN

LWIN standardises wine names, making sure that everyone in the supply chain is speaking the same language. LWIN is behind all Liv-ex data and transactions, ensuring accuracy. You can also use it in your systems too.

Stay informed

Liv-ex members are the first to receive the latest research from Liv-ex, including in-depth reports and emailed market updates.

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index

Liv-ex produces a number of fine wine indices that track prices for given groups of wines. The Liv-ex 100 Index, which is available on Bloomberg terminals, is considered the industry benchmark. It tracks prices of the world’s leading wines.

"Intelligent markets are good markets. Informed markets create sophisticated buyers who make purchase decisions based on real and relevant data. Markets can only be intelligent with good access to reliable information. Liv-ex plays a central and vital role in this process."

David Pearson,Opus One

"It’s a great tool, it has excellent analysis, and it gives us the opportunity to stand back and look at what is happening. We’re always busy and with Liv-ex we can really gain perspective on the market."

Veronique Sanders,Chateau Haut Bailly

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