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Liv-ex Burgundy report 2020

Extended report – Burgundy: After the peak

| Burgundy, Fine Wine Market, Press releases, Wine Investment | No Comments
After Bordeaux peaked at the end of the China-led bull market in 2011, buyers started to seek out other corners…
Decanter Bordeaux 2010

Decanter – Bordeaux 2010: The top rated wines tasted 10 years on

| Press coverage | No Comments
"This has arguably been the Achilles heel of 2010. The average price point, according to Liv-ex in a 2017 survey,…

Bordeaux 2019 as seen from space – a Saturnalia report

| Bordeaux, Fine Wine Market, Harvest Reports, Wine Investment | No Comments
The team behind Saturnalia, at Ticinum Aerospace, wish to offer a different perspective on vineyards with the help of satellite…