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California collection service – Sell easily on Liv-ex

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It’s now easy for Liv-ex members in California to sell wine to 500+ wine businesses internationally. A weekly stock collection…

Now available to all: En Primeur Report – “Bordeaux 2020: A sense of déjà vu”

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Last month ahead of this year’s campaign, we released our Bordeaux 2020 En Primeur report, exclusively to Liv-ex members. Now…
Chateau Cheval Blanc team tasting

Liv-ex Q&A with Château Cheval Blanc : The 2020 vintage, and pricing in line with fair value

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Cheval Blanc became the first major Chateau to release its wines as part of the 2020 En Primeur campaign. In…

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冰雹使 Cos 遭受重创,迫使 Lafite 提前开始采收

By Critical Opinion, Harvest Reports, 中文

  客户博客: 客户博客:* 加文·奎尼 (Gavin Quinney) 从波尔多报道,全世界最著名酒庄之一的葡萄种植园开始进行计划外采收,严重的灾害波及一大片著名区域。 “这是一个早收年期,但却是不得已而为之,”Lafite Rothschild 总经理查尔斯·谢瓦利尔 (Charles Chevallier) 在其新采收接收区域检查圣埃斯塔菲 (St-Estephe) 产赤霞珠之后如是说。 他肯定没有想到要在梅多克 (Médoc) 马拉松运动会举行前一周采收这一晚熟品种。马拉松活动将于九月的第二个星期六举行,届时将有 8,000 名身着奇装异服的参赛者跑过葡萄园。(2010…

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