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Live Markets

Search Market API – View live exchange bid and offer information using various product, geographic and pricing filters

Market Depth API – View the complete market availability and recent trading information for a product

My Positions API – View your Liv-ex exchange positions (bids and offer) in your own system

Forex API – View up-to-date foreign exchange rate data

Best Bid/Offer PUSH service  – Automatic messages PUSHed to your system when competitive bids/offers appear against your positions



Price Data API– Live and historic market, trade, auction, release prices etc. for any product in the Liv-ex database

Indices APIs– Timeseries data for all the major Liv-ex indices



Critic Data API – View scores, tasting notes and drinking dates from wine publications you are subscribed to



Trading Automation Guidelines – Considerations before you connect

Heartbeat API – Check that the Liv-ex exchange is up and available

Orders API – Place bids and offers on the Liv-ex exchange

Order PUSH Service – Automatic messages PUSHed to your system when trades events, edits, deletions etc. take place on the exchange

Bulk Order Action API – Bulk methods to renew, reactivate or suspend your bids and offers positions

Order Status API – Ping the live availability, status and price of a specific bid/offer

Photo Upload API – Upload and delete photos for attachment to special offers

Photo View API – View your uploaded photo assets

Order by UID API – Directly offer stock stored in Liv-ex warehouse facilities

Your Trades List API – search for and view a list of your previous trades on the exchange

Your Trade Details API – view detailed information about a specific trade on the exchange

Edit Trade Reference API – amend or update any reference you gave to a trade on the exchange



Cellar View API – View and reconcile your stock stored with Liv-ex logistics

Pre-Advice API– Inform Liv-ex logistics of stock being sent in to Liv-ex facilities

Release API – Instruct deliveries and collections from Liv-ex facilities

Ship API – Assign stock stored by Liv-ex logistics to specific trades or instantly transfer it between subaccounts

ABV Data API – View alcohol by volume data for LWIN products

Commodity Code API – Generate commodity/HS/Taric/CN codes for LWIN products



Trading Activity API – Information about the status and settlement progress of your Liv-ex trades

Account Status API – View your live trading status, trading limits and trading account balances

Account Users API – View who in your company has a Liv-ex account, their role and their trading privileges

Invoices API – View sales invoice data and charge breakdowns

Net Statements API – View current and historic Liv-ex net statements (PDF format, generated weekly)



LWIN Search – Token search the entire LWIN database to find LWIN codes. Also available as a Java SDK

LWIN View – View LWIN metadata including vintage information and historical name changes

LWIN Change Since – View all recent LWIN creation, edit and combine events over a defined time period

LWIN PUSH Services – Outbound PUSH service that broadcasts all LWIN creation, edit and combine events in real-time

LWIN7 Request – Notify the LWIN team of a missing product that needs to be created and share details of it

LWIN11 Request – Notify the LWIN team of a vintage that needs to be created for an existing LWIN7 product

LWIN Request Status Check – Check the live status of any LWIN7 or LWIN11 request(s) you have made


Service Level Agreements

LWIN SLA – Service level agreement for LWIN covering standard processes for adding and amending LWIN records, expected timelines, and optional paid-for LWIN services

3rd Party SLA – Service level agreement setting out the relationship between, and the obligations and expectations of,  Liv-ex, 3rd party data providers (e.g. providers of critic scores, label images etc.) and Liv-ex customers.


Legacy Services

If you require documentation for an old version or legacy Liv-ex service not listed on this page, please contact

Bids API – Receive live bid information for any product on the Liv-ex exchange

Offers API – Receive live offer information for any product on the Liv-ex exchange

Market Price History API – View Liv-ex Market Price timeseries data for any product