Vine stock management system

Vine is a stock management system that allows you to independently manage your stock with Liv-ex. You can use Vine to request photographs, receive valuations for client reserves or sub-accounts. You can also use it to release wines for delivery or assign them to a Liv-ex trade.

  • Request photographs and SIB Passports

  • Assign and ship your wines instantly

Manage stock that is already in your account by assigning your wine to a Liv-ex trade or by shipping to for delivery.

  • View personalised Liv-ex bids, offers and valuations

Connect to Vine

You can keep your stock management system in sync with Vine via API (Application Programming Interface), eliminating manual entry. Your purchases can be received into your ERP system automatically as stock arrives with Liv-ex, and stay visible until you ship. This makes it easier for you to track wine moving in and out of your account and means that you have a single place to manage stock.

Ways to connect:

Standardise your list by matching it to LWIN so it is ready for processing. 

Send your purchase order (pre-advice) directly into the Vine system.

Display the contents of a client sub-account on your website and keep your stock system in-sync with Vine.

Instruct Liv-ex to ship wine direct from your own system.

For more information on Liv-ex APIs, visit our developers area or email