What is a unit? 

All of our services are charged on a per unit basis. We define a unit as a case of wine, whatever the quantity of bottles it holds, such as 1×75, 6×75, 12×75.

Each unit is given a unique identity (UID), which can be tracked online.

What does the storage fee cover? 

The storage fee covers the storage of wine within Liv-ex’s warehouses for the period of up to thirty days.

What is a handling fee? 

The handling fee is charged every time a unit enters or leaves your account.

This fee covers the following services:

  • Unit count on arrival to match the suppliers’ paperwork and your pre-advice
  • Unit exterior description and condition check
  • Notification of any exterior damage to stock via our website
  • Application of UID label

What is the Instant Transfer system? 

Instant Transfer allows you to transfer ownership of wine to another Liv-ex account instantly and electronically. The majority of the fine wine trade use Liv-ex and by extension have an account with us, meaning that many trades can be settled in this way.