Collections and deliveries


Liv-ex offers international collections and deliveries to facilitate your trade on the market. We are based at the heart of the global fine wine trade in London and operate via hubs in Bordeaux and Hong Kong.


Standard UK deliveries and collections

Any deliveries to other bonded warehouses take approximately five days and are subject to booking.

Standard UK deliveries and collections occur during working hours. Please download the tariff below for further details:

UK Distribution Tariff September 2018

Please note: If a delivery cannot be made due to customer absence or similar, the same amount will be charged for a second delivery.

Same day delivery

If requested by 10:00am, we can offer same day delivery to the majority of postcodes in rate bands one and two for London, as specified in the distribution tariff. This service is priced at £35 in addition to the standard delivery charge.

To request this, please add the words ‘same day delivery’, plus the desired date in the instruction box when preparing your release order on the Vine system

Please note: this is offered subject to capacity constraints and will be delivered later in the day, usually between 2-7pm.

Express UK delivery

Prices may vary for urgent orders or for special requirements. Please contact us should you require express delivery.


The below services to and from London are available for settling trades that have taken place on Liv-ex. Pricing information can be found on the settlement section of our pricing plan.

  • Bordeaux: weekly deliveries and collections to and from Bordeaux
  • Beaune: monthly deliveries to Beaune
  • Weekly collections from:
    • Holland
    • Germany
    • Austria
    • Switzerland
    • Belgium
    • France

 In order to use the collection services, please provide a single point of collection, complete a booking form and follow packing instructions.

Please note: should you wish to use these services for wines not purchased on the Liv-ex there is a minimum charge of £187.50 or £12.50 per case, whichever is greater.


Deliveries to Hong Kong

We offer weekly temperature-controlled air freight to your desired address in Hong Kong, including insurance:

  • £30 (€42) per 12×75
  • £15 (€21) per 6×75

These are fulfilled with a direct flight using British Airways, Cathay Pacific or Virgin Atlantic.

Please note: should you wish to this service for wines not purchased on Liv-ex, there is a minimum charge of £100 (€140). Due to licensing regulations we are unable to ship spirits on this service.

Deliver to us

Booking requirements – all warehouses

All deliveries must be pre-arranged and booked in. To do this, you or your transporter must email at least 48 hours in advance to organise an appointment. Without an appointment, we reserve the right to refuse a delivery and a charge may be incurred.

For booking in, the following minimum information is required:

  1. Your desired delivery warehouse and the date and time of delivery
  2. A detailed packing list that clearly states the wine names, the total amount of pallets and the total amount of cases to be delivered.
  3. All associated transaction numbers (Vtrans)
  4. All required paperwork.

Customs paperwork

Wines arriving without the correct customs paperwork are liable to be seized and destroyed by customs. If you are unsure about what is required, please contact one of our Settlement and Logistics Specialists who will be able to advise you.

Late deliveries

All vehicles must arrive within 15 minutes of the agreed delivery time. Deliveries arriving outside of the allocated slot will only be accepted and offloaded if and when there are available resources to do so. While every effort will be made to accommodate late arrivals, on exceptionally busy days it is possible that vehicles arriving outside the allocated slot may be refused. This includes instances in which prior notice of a delay has been given.


Prior to making an appointment for delivery, we ask that you complete a pre-advice form so that we can make the correct information available to customers on arrival. The pre-advice form can either be emailed manually or automatically submitted using our API services. If you prefer to email your pre-advice, the document below must be submitted. The areas highlighted in green are mandatory, while those in amber are optional. Should you have any queries regarding this please contact one of our Settlement and Logistics Specialists, or email

Liv-ex pre-advice 2018

LWIN database

Deliveries from outside the EU

Please ensure that you speak to a member of our settlement team prior to arranging any deliveries from outside the EU to Liv-ex. There are strict procedures which need to be followed. If they are not adhered to, long delays or potential seizure of the wines may be incurred.