Use it to…

With Logistics APIs, you can keep your stock management system in sync with Vine and upload Pre-advices directly from your stock control system, eliminating the need to input information manually. Your purchases can be received into your ERP system – such as Magento, Vision and Navision – automatically as stock arrives with Vine, and stay visible until you ship. This makes it easy for you to track wine moving in and out of your account and means that you have a single place to manage stock.

Updates are live so that you are fully up-to-date and no longer need to double key transactions – and you can ship, transfer, assign wines and upload Pre-advices without logging onto Vine.

Without logging onto Vine, you can…

  • Assign stock
    Allocate cases to your Liv-ex trades
  • Ship your wines
    Dispatch wines from your Vine account
  • Transfer wines instantly
    Transfer wines to another Vine account – or to your own client reserves at the click of a button
  • Upload Pre-advices
    Remove human error and process Pre-advices faster
  • View your wines
    See which wines are currently in, and are due to move in and out of, your Vine account
  • Get photos
    See high definition images of your wines

Get started today

You can make use of Logistics APIs if you are a member of Liv-ex with wines stored at Vine, and use a stock management system capable of integrating with APIs.

Technical information

Pre-advice – Send pre-advice directly into the Vine system

Cellar View – Display the contents of a client sub-account on your website

Cellar View 2 – Keep your stock system in sync with Vine

Ship – Instruct Vine to ship wine direct from your own system

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