Liv-ex is the fine wine market. Merchants from around the world use our trading, data and settlement services to help grow their fine wine businesses. Liv-ex’s global network enables to members to trade safely and efficiently with other merchants worldwide. Our comprehensive data brings transparency to the market, and offers valuable insights to merchant members and their customers. Liv-ex settlement services ensure that all trades are fulfilled safely.

Liv-ex was founded in 2000 by two stockbrokers, James Miles and Justin Gibbs. It started with a group of 10 founding members in London, and a vision to make fine wine trading more transparent, efficient and safe. The founders believed that by creating an online exchange, they could grow the size of the market to the benefit of Liv-ex’s merchant members and everyone with an interest in fine wine.

Since then, membership has grown to over 400 merchants from 36 countries worldwide, and our services have expanded to include data, settlement and technology. This has all been made possible due to the continued support of our members, to whom we owe a huge thanks.

With our members’ help, Liv-ex continues to obsess about making the fine market more transparent, efficient and safe and removing barriers to trade. You can read Co-Founder James Miles’s thoughts on Liv-ex’s role in facilitating this here.