LIVE Opportunities: Classed growth Bordeaux under £500

  • Close to 1,000 offers for Bordeaux under £500 per case currently LIVE on the Exchange. 
  • Includes classed growths from “on” and “off” vintages. 
  • Perfect for Christmas offers. 

The prospect of “Christmas in July” may fill readers with dread and foreboding, yet the summer months are traditionally when magazines prepare their Christmas editions and retailers begin stocking up for the festive period. 

Bordeaux is a staple of Christmas feasting and there are currently close to a 1,000 LIVE opportunities for red and white classed growths under £500 for packs of three, six and 12 on the Exchange. 

They include wines from great recent vintages such as 2016, 2015, 2010 and 2009, as well as excellent drinking stock from solid “off” vintages such as 2017, 2014 and 2008. 

There are also older vintages, with Sauternes from Lafaurie-Perauguay dating back to 1989. 

Mixed in with the classed growths are other high value Bordeaux offers, such as a six pack of Château Fourcas-Hosten 2016.

See all LIVE Bordeaux opportunities here. The full results can be easily exported to an Excel document by clicking on the “export” button at the top of the list.