LIVE opportunities: Start off the year with record levels of bids and offers

Which stem from the broadest range of regions.

It was a rocky end to 2020. Delays at the Channel, partial to full lockdowns and Brexit trade talks dominated the newsfeeds. Despite this, December saw the momentum of the last quarter maintained as merchants committed bids and offers to the market. December trade was up 60% on 2019.

LIVE exposure, which is the combined value of bids and offers, currently stands at £75m (£24.5m bids and £50.5m offers), the highest ever for the start of a year, and just short of the all-time high set in late November.

Where is the offer exposure?

Bordeaux and Burgundy make up 69.5% of all offer exposure – Bordeaux has a bid to offer ratio of 0.70 compared to Burgundy’s 0.31.

*A bid to offer ratio compares the total value of bids to the total value of offers. The ratio’s aim is to indicate the level of demand. Historically we have found a bid:offer ratio of more than 0.5 results in stable/ rising prices.

Exposure for Tuscany and Piedmont stands at 6.2% and 5.4% respectively.

Champagne follows closely at 4.7% and has the highest bid to offer ratio – 0.83.

The Rhone and California make up 3.7% and 3.4% respectively.

Perhaps a surprise to some is Scotland. The region has the 8th largest offer exposure on your Exchange due to decent quantities of whisky offers. In 2020 we saw trade for spirits grow 3x over 2019. Whisky was a major driver of that – its trade increased more than 7x over 2019.

Others (5.6%) is another category that has seen increased activity over the past year and one to keep an eye on. Australiathe LoireSpainArgentinaPortugal, and Germany lead the ‘Others’ category.

With all this exposure members have an abundance of wines to ponder. The ‘Opportunities’ page, linked below, shows the most viewed wines over the past seven days. Cristal 2012 12×75 is currently the most viewed with no LIVE offer and is bid £1,300. Anyone?