The best of the rest: 2020 Power 100

As part of our 2020 Power 100 coverage, today we take a look at a selection of power brands from Germany, Switzerland and Italy that qualified for inclusion in the rankings but fell short of entering the top 100 – ‘the best of the rest’.

Our Power 100 methodology is based on four criteria: year-on-year price performance, trading performance by value and volume, number of wines and vintages traded, and average price of the wines in a brand. From 1,420 brands that traded on Liv-ex in the past year, 326 qualified for the final calculation.

The Power 100 is a testimony to the broadening secondary market.


Last year, just one brand from Germany made it into the full rankings – Keller which took 149th place. This year, Keller entered the top 100 (66th), with three other German labels qualifying for inclusion for the first time.

These were Mosel producers Egon Müller (110), Joh. Jos. Prüm (190) and Markus Molitor (258).

Egon Müller ranked 65th in the value and volume category, outperforming Keller (77) but fell behind on average trade price and number of unique wines traded.

The number of German labels (LWIN7) traded has risen 230% in the past year. The number of distinct wines (LWIN11) traded in 2020 is up 362% on 2019. However, 98% of its secondary market is for its white wines (Riesling, bar few exceptions).

Germany: Trade share by value (% of RoW) and number of wines (LWIN11) traded



Switzerland was also present in the rankings, thanks to Gantenbein Winery from Kanton Graubünden. Gantenbein jumped 88 places to 198th, driven by improved price performance and trade values.

Its Pinot Noir 2018 was its most traded wine in 2020, followed by its Chardonnay from the same vintage. In 2020, Switzerland’s market share by value stood at 0.1%.

(Gantenbein winery in Switzerland)

Italy: Abruzzo and Veneto

While Tuscany and Piedmont have pushed Italy on all fronts to once again be the star of 2020 (see our Annual Market Report), wines from Abruzzo and Veneto also made a small contribution.

The top 100 featured one label from Veneto, Quintarelli Giuseppe (95). Dal Forno Romano (133) and Zenato (279) remain outside (for now). From Abruzzo, Valentini in 185th place entered the rankings for the first time. On sub-regional level, Abruzzo made up 0.9% of Italy’s trade value in 2020; Veneto – 1.7%.