The Drinks Business – Suckling names Argentine Pinot ‘wine of the year’

By November 20, 2020Press coverage

The critic’s top 10 wines include labels from Argentina, Germany, Italy, Austria, Australia and Chile – half of the white wines – an incredibly diverse selection and a reflection of the broadening view of ‘fine wine’ as a category.

His choice of Chacra’s Pinot Noir ‘Patagonia Treinta y Dos 2018’ (1932 being when the vines were planted) this year then is something of a surprise, though it seems to confirm his budding love affair with South American wines.

At just 600 cases produced this is not a widely available wine and Suckling suggested the 2017 and 2016 vintages as close peers should the 2018 prove difficult to find.

Liv-ex noted that the 2018 has a market price of £839 per dozen, while the 2017 is available for £804 and 2016 for £750.

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