Wine Matcher – 200 million time-saving moments

By October 14, 2020Fine Wine Market

It wasn’t long ago that flicking through heavy brochures and picking up the phone was the best – or only – way to source fine wine from other wine businesses  

Today, there is a vast amount of information online. With the click of a button, you can download a sales list with thousands of different wines for sale.  

But this presents a new challenge. With all of this choice, how do you find the very best opportunities? 

Wine Matcher is helping merchants across the globe to resolve this challenge. It helps by adding accurate price data to Excel lists at a speed of 5,000 wines per minute. You can then use this information to benchmark offer prices against the market, narrowing a long list down to only the very best opportunities. 

 Wine Matcher has now helped the Liv-ex team and members to sort through over 200 million lines of data. The Liv-ex team trusts it to process vast amounts of price information that is essential for our business. 

Many Liv-ex members use it to find buying opportunities faster. 

As Jack Grosvener of Vintage Capital told us, “Without it, there would be an incredibly lengthy process of going through Liv-ex and Wine Searcher and looking up prices. It would take a long, long time, but I guess that was the way before Wine Matcher. 

Will Winterton of Cru Wine World reported similar benefitsI can save a couple of hours on a big list, but it’s not just about saving time. It means that I can look at more lists than I could before – more offers, from more people.’ 

Want to save time like this? 

Liv-ex Head of Product Nick Palmer recently gave a live demo of how you can use Wine Matcher to save time just like this – and spot buying opportunities faster. To view the recording at your leisure, click here