Webinar: How to find trading opportunities faster using Wine Matcher

By October 21, 2020Fine Wine Market

Many Liv-ex members have been using Wine Matcher, an online toodeveloped by Liv-ex, to help them work with wine lists quickly and efficiently.  

It is helping them to quickly find the best buying opportunities on wine lists – among other things. 

Wine matcher render

As one member told us: 

“I can save a couple of hours on a big list, but it’s not just about saving time. It means that I can look at more lists than I could before – more offers, from more people.”  

UPDATE: This webinar has now taken place, but you are welcome to view the recording at your leisure.

This webinar is for any professional who regularly searches for buying opportunities on fine wine lists. We:
  • Offer a live demonstration of Wine Matcher
  • Show how you can use it to save time when looking for opportunities on lists
  • Explain who it is for, and why
Click here to watch the recording.