“Life was so painful before Wine Matcher” – Interview with Farthinghoe (revisited)

By October 26, 2020Fine Wine Market

Earlier this year, we interviewed Rebecca Adams of Farthinghoe Vintners about her experience with Wine Matcher.  

Following the news that Wine Matcher has now helped users to work through 200 million lines of data, we are republishing it for those of you that missed it. 

As Rebecca says, “Life was so painful before Wine Matcher because [she] would have to research each line individually vintage by vintage, wine by wine and it can take hours – especially if there’s over one hundred cases of stock needing to be priced up.” 

Want to save time like this? 

Liv-ex Head of Product Nick Palmer recently gave a live demo of how you can use Wine Matcher to save time just like this – and spot buying opportunities faster. To view the recording at your leisure, click here