LIVE opportunities: trending Champagne

By August 24, 2020Bronze, Market Update

Although there has not been many calls for celebration this year, the Champagne 50 has outperformed the broader market and is leading all Liv-ex indices in performance – up 4.47% over the past year.

Continuing this year’s trend of increasing distinct wines traded, Champagne has grown 75.3% since January, charted below. August is set to be yet another strong month of trades for the region. Additionally, as we move into the later months of the year, a time when Champagne really starts to shine, the region looks poised to continue on the success it’s had throughout the year so far. And it may not quite feel like it, but Christmas is only 4 months away, so worth having a browse now.

2008 has been the vintage of choice within Champagne – Dom PerignonTaittinger Comtes Champagne and Louis Roederer Cristal lead the region in trade by value. However, 2012 Louis Roederer Cristal has also been a favourite, having released at £1,630 per 12×75 earlier this year – it now trades slightly below that level.

Champagne Offer exposure continues to grow, up 8.5% year-to-date in 2020, an increase of 42% from 2019. Additionally, in the past week over £200k of new Champagne Offers were listed LIVE and attached is a snapshot of the wines.

LIVE Champagne Offers