LIVE opportunities: Super Tuscans

By August 28, 2020Bronze, Market Update

Super Tuscans – Masseto, Ornellaia, Sassicaia, Solaia, and Tignanello – are on pace to have one of their best months of the year this August as demand from the US grows. The quantity of trades and case volume both exceed the seven months prior and with four days until September, trade by value trails just slightly.

These last four days of the month do include a UK bank holiday weekend but don’t let that dissuade you. Seen throughout August, trading days are no longer limited to Monday – Friday. August has seen a surge of trades across the weekend, done through automation, which allows your stock to be accessed around the clock by buyers all over the world. We encourage you to put stock LIVE over the long weekend and take advantage of the increased action we’ve seen.

Back to Italy. The region has been exempted from the 25% United States import tariffs since they were imposed by the USTR on 18 October 2019. A significant change in the US’s buying behaviour has been seen since then. In the ten months following the implementation of the tariffs there has been a 45% increase in the quantity of trades for Italian wines when compared to the 10 months prior – 98% of the stock is coming from either the UK or Europe.

Super Tuscans continue to offer relative value against the top wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy and recent vintages (2015, 2016) are considered to set new benchmarks for producers. With few signs of headwinds ahead for Italy, the country seems certain to remain in focus as the year rolls on. Attached are LIVE Offers of Super Tuscans on the exchange – starting at £390 per 6×75 for Tignanello 2017 with additional wines offered LIVE back to 1995.

LIVE Super Tuscan Offers