LIVE opportunities: growth in Rhone

By August 17, 2020Bronze, Rhone

From the start of the year, the Rhone looked to be surging as trade value recorded in April was almost three times its January levels. However, while trade value has fallen back a little, trade activity has not. In July the market saw three times the amount of trades than in January, with 60% more buyers and 73% more sellers contributing to activity. Four times the amount of cases changed hands in July compared to January, but at a lower average value – £625 per case, down from £1,072.

Year-to-date the Rhone 100 has risen 2.8% just trailing the Champagne 50 as the best performing Liv-ex 1000 sub-index of 2020.

Arguably there remains plenty of room for the Rhone to shine in both value and volume traded, but also in terms of price performance. Over ten years the Rhone’s market share has remained stubbornly low (1.5-3.5%) while the Rhone 100 has been the second worst performing sub-index of the Liv-ex 1000.

Even with the slight uptick in prices, the Rhone still offers incredible relative value. LIVE offerings start at just £4.17 a bottle – there is much to be found in the £1.5m of LIVE offers, just follow the link below.

Rhone LIVE Offers