Liv-ex 1000 rises 0.63% in June

The Liv-ex 1000 rose another 0.80% in June to close at 344.82, further building on its May gains (+1.38%). The index is down just 0.95% in the first half of 2020 after the past two months of strong performance.

The Bordeaux 500 rose 1.61% in June – the index is up 0.40% year to date.

A softening of Sterling during the month of June helped increase the attractiveness of wines when viewed in alternative currencies. Sterling did strengthen the final few days of June to end the month relatively flat.


A key driver of growth in June was the Champagne 50 which rose 2.25%. The sub-index surpassed the Italy 100, which rose 0.12% in the month, as the best performing sub-index over a one-year period. The 2008 vintage made up nearly a third of Champagne trade by both value and volume for the region.

Additionally, all indices, bar the Rest of the World 60, moved positively in the month. The Bordeaux Legend 40 rose 1.56%, followed by the Rhone 100 (0.81%) and the Burgundy 150 (0.39%).

With the addition of Bordeaux 2019 to the secondary market, both distinct LWINs traded and distinct LWINs exposed reached new highs in June. Year-to-date distinct wines traded is up 18.1% as market breadth continues to grow.

Automated trade accounted for 32.1% of transactions in the month, rising above 30% for the third month running.