Liv-ex 1000 falls 0.77% in February

The Liv-ex 1000 fell slightly in February (-0.77%), closing at 343.39. The month started well with the return of US buyers but concern around Covid-19 quickly changed market sentiment and saw an overall decline in global trade activity.

The Liv-ex 100 posted a small gain in February due to a solid performance by its Champagne and Italy components, but the Fine Wine 50 (First Growths) was hit hard, closing down 1.3% for the month. It might have been worse, if not for Sterling weakness, shedding four months of gains against the Euro in a little under a week. Sterling has been hit hard by investor’s risk aversion.


Within the Liv-ex 1000 sub-indices the Rhone 100, the perennial under-performer, was the single positive mover, gaining 0.62% as buyers took renewed interest in the region this February.

The Bordeaux Legends 40 was the worst performing sub-index (-1.59%), followed by the Burgundy 150 (-1.32%).

Year-to-date, Italy is the only sub-index in the black (0.56%), and with the release of the much admired Brunello 2015 and Barolo 2016 currently underway, the region looks set to remain in the spotlight.

Index 29/02/2020 (monthly close)