The new Liv-ex website is growing – A progress update

By June 6, 2019Member updates

The Liv-ex beta website gained several new features in May. You can now view detailed information about wines, manage your account, and watch trades take place in real-time.

This new website is constantly evolving. As it develops, you’ll see an increasing number of new, improved, and more personalised functions. Our next update to you will focus on this.

Please do take a few minutes to view our video tours, below, and log in to see the site for yourself. As always, feel free to speak to your Account Manager with any questions that you have.

You can also leave us feedback and thoughts on any features that you’d like to see. This helps us to build a platform that is useful for you.

View wine information

The new information pages give you a fast overview of pricing and availability for individual wines. You can see current markets (bids and offers), your positions, and a summary of key prices and scores. Soon, we’ll be adding a price history chart. Our two-minute video walks you through it, and provides a link at the end.

Find information about your account

You can now find information about your Liv-ex account on the new website. You can use these pages to search for and download invoices and net statements, and check the current status of your trades easily.

We’ve also added some new features. You can now see your package type and charge, and can search through two years of your trading history. To find out more, watch our short video.

Watch the market move

Information on the new website is now updated in real-time. You can see new bids and offers  flash on screen faster than on the original website – so it’s the best place to be if you never want to miss a deal.