Bid on Specials using Liv-ex beta – desktop and mobile

By October 8, 2018Member updates

You can now bid on Specials using the Liv-ex beta website; the latest feature to be added to our new platform.

What are the changes?

The new design allows you to view and zoom into photos, and see contract details easily. This all takes place on the same screen, without redirecting you away from the search results.

Bid on mobile – on the go

You have told us that you need to respond quickly to client requests to buy or sell wine, which sometimes means trading on your mobile. The new website is fully optimised for mobile use. With today’s update, you can now bid on Special as well as SIB stock on the go.

Coming soon – offer specials

We are continually adding new functions to the new beta site. Next up is the ability to offer wines under the Special contract, which is scheduled for November.

What is a Special contract?

Liv-ex contracts standardise trading on the market, ensuring that you know exactly what to expect when your case arrives. There are three contract types: Standard in Bond (SIB), Standard En Primeur (SEP) and Special.

Around two thirds of offers on Liv-ex are within the Standard in Bond (SIB) contract. These are for wines with no condition issues, held in bond and delivered to Liv-ex within two weeks of the trade taking place.

Standard En Primeur (SEP) contracts are for wines that have been released for sale but are not physically available on the market. Specific delivery and payment terms apply.

All other trades take place under a Special contract. Wines may be listed as Special for a variety of reasons. For example, the duty might be paid, there might be a condition issue, or the time frame for delivery might be a little different. Often they are in perfect condition.

A sub-category of the Special contract is Special Now. These wines all have one thing in common: they are available instantly in the Liv-ex warehouse. They might otherwise be available as SIB, or as a regular Special.

About the new Liv-ex website

The Liv-ex new Liv-ex website (beta) is being designed to make trading more convenient for you. We are frequently adding new features. Last month, we added the ‘My Positions’ page, which makes it possible for you to manage your bids and offers easily. This included the new ‘bulk renew’ feature for positions close to expiring.

To access the new website, select ‘try beta’ under the sign in option on the home page.

Leave feedback

We can’t create platform designed for our members without hearing from you. You can leave feedback on any aspect of your Liv-ex experience in our online form.