Jean-Marc Quarin releases 2017 En Primeur scores

Today, Jean-Marc Quarin published his fifth set of Bordeaux 2017 scores, which contains 430 wines in total. The first four parts can be found on his website in French, here.

In his first report, published last week in English, Quarin says “there is no 2017 vintage but several ones”. Quarin mentions his surprise that “some wines prove to be well structured in the mid-palate and in the finish”. He goes on to say that for these wines his scores are high and “at the level of 2014-2015”.

Overall Quarin concludes that “2017 is a cool oceanic vintage, but without crudity and without harsh tannin”, adding that it is “the very vintage that will be blessed by ageing”.

Quarin’s top-scoring reds can be found in the table below. You can read the full report at

You can also compare scores from Jean-Marc Quarin, James Molesworth and James Suckling on our critic scores page, which will be updated as more are released.

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