James Suckling releases Bordeaux 2015 in-bottle scores

On Friday, James Suckling released the report Bordeaux is really back with 2015, which includes his in-bottle scores for the vintage.

Suckling suggests that “this vintage is definitely a new benchmark for Bordeaux”. He awarded 14 perfect scores, the highest number ever for Bordeaux vintage in his publication. He previously found nine perfect wines among the 2009s and eleven among the 2010s. This is not to say that 2015 is the better vintage overall. Indeed, Suckling says that he is not sure that it is across the board, despite the production of some “truly made phenomenal, transparent wines that emphasize the greatness of their terroirs”.

In the report, Suckling compares Bordeaux 2015 to the 1970, 1971 and 1985 vintages, which he says, “all share the same balance, structure and freshness”. Overall, he concludes that “for many, the 2015s will be a new experience in top-class Bordeaux”.

Critical consensus

James Suckling is now the third critic to award Margaux 2015 a perfect 100-point score. He describes it as a “haunting young wine”, adding that it is “a new legend for Margaux. The 1961 that didn’t happen”. Jane Anson and Jeb Dunnuck also scored the wine 100-points, making it the only wine so far to achieve a perfect score from all critics with published 2015 in-bottle scores.

James Suckling agreed with Jane Anson on two other ‘perfect’ wines from the vintage. They have both scored Lafleur and Petrus 100 points.

Suckling’s top-scoring wines can be found below. To read the full report on Jamessuckling.com, and view a full list of scores, click here.

*Trottevieille Villes Vignes is a special edition wine from Trottevieille, made with old vines. Only 135 bottles have been produced.


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