More Parker points: perfect score for Pape Clement 2009

After announcing his Bordeaux retirement last week, Robert Parker released a new batch of scores in the Hedonist’s Gazette on Friday. In total, he offers ratings of 21 wines – including ten Bordeaux reds from the 2009 vintage – which were all tasted at a dinner in January of this year.

Parker describes the 2009 flight as a “colossal showing”. He adds: “As I have written and said publically many times, 2009 is the modern-day version of 1982, except much more consistent…”

The critic awarded five ‘perfect’ 100-point scores, including an upgrade for Pape Clement 2009 which he most recently scored 95 in The Wine Advocate. Wines including Haut Brion 2009 and Montrose 2009 held their perfect scores, while Clinet and Smith Haut Lafitte dipped.

Parker Scores Pape Clement 2009

As Liv-ex highlighted last week, an upgrade to 100-points from Robert Parker has historically caused wine prices to rise rapidly. This has been the case for scores published in the Hedonist’s Gazette, as in the case of Haut Bailly 2009, as well as those ‘officially’ listed in The Wine Advocate.

The chart below shows a small flurry of activity for Pape Clement 2009 today. It last traded at £1,130 per 12×75. This is a 35% increase on its last trade price of £835 before the 100-point score was released. Time will tell if the wine holds at this level, but these early indications certainly suggest that the power of Parker is still very much alive.

Pape Clement 2009 performance

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