Talking trade: 3rd-9th October


First Growth trade dropped to a low 22% this week, a far cry from the 60-70% that the wines accounted for during the market’s peak in 2011. Nonetheless, the Bordeaux market in general appears to be improving: the Bordeaux 500 index rose 0.5% at the end of September and Bordeaux’s overall share increased from 64% last week to 75% this week. 


Active Bordeaux wines this week included Pavie 2011 – its cheapest recent vintage – and Pavillion Rouge 2007, in addition to Duhart Milon 2007 and 2008. Montrose remained in focus following Parker’s vertical tasting and score updates in August, with good trade not only for the new 100-point 2010 but also the 2008 and 2003. 


While Italy pulled back from its huge trade share of late, the Sassicaia brand remained in the spotlight in the form of its second wine Guidalberto. Meanwhile the rest of the world category was boosted by healthy quantities of trade for Screaming Eagle 2011 and Vega Sicilia Reserva Especial 2014.