Talking trade: 22-28 August

Liv-ex 50 six months

As we mentioned in last week’s talking trade, the Liv-ex 50 had held steady in August. Well this week, further helped by an increased bid offer ratio of 0.49 up from 0.46 last week, (value of live bids vs live offers), the Liv-ex 50 has risen by nearly 1%. This has all happened in a week that’s main talking point trade wise actually comes from Italy.


Sassicaia and its second wine Guidalberto have ruled the roost in this week’s trade tables with both the 2010 and 2011 trading in healthy quantities. Italy’s gain was Bordeaux’s loss. Bordeaux’s share of trade was down 10% on the week while first growths share was down 15%. Beychevelle seems to be coming back into fashion with the 2008 vintage taking 3.4% of trade by volume and Lynch Bages, the stalwart consumer favourite once again appearing in the top 5 tables.


So with the Liv-ex 50 seeing an upturn and the trade beginning to come back from their holidays, September looks to be a promising month – the question is, will it deliver?