Now that all of the 2010s have been released, we can name the winner of our annual Liv-ex En Primeur Survey Competition. In April, we challenged fine wine traders to predict the first-tranche 2010 release prices of some of Bordeaux's biggest names (shown in the table below). On average, survey respondents predicted that our basket of wines would cost €3,463 ex-Bordeaux, making the wines 4.5 per cent more expensive than their '09 equivalents. In reality, prices amounted to €3,797 – 14.6 per cent higher than in 2009. 

Several predictions came very close. One London-based merchant, however, was out by just two euros and is the winner of this year's prize – a double magnum of La Lagune 2000.

The table below summarises this year's results. (Prices are in euros per bottle, ex-negociant.)

2010 survey results 

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