2010 release round-up

After an idle start, the 2010 En Primeur campaign finally kicked off this week. As you can see from the table below, the majority of wines were released at a premium to '09 initial pricing (amid a chorus of protests from consumers and critics).

  2010 releases 

Durfort Vivens was arguably one of the week's most notable releases. Having come to market at €24.5 p/b ex-negociant last year, the 2010 vintage was released at €31.8 ex-negociant (+30 per cent) – one of the heftiest price hikes we've seen to date (second only to Pontet Canet). Though the Second Growths have seen rapid price rises this year on the back of broadening Asian demand, Durfort Vivens is one of the few wines that has not yet benefited. Is its 2010 release a not-so-gentle reminder of its status as an official Second Growth (unlike Pontet Canet – now dubbed a "Flying Fifth")? 

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