2010 release prices hit fresh highs

The 2010 campaign moved up a gear today with the release of Lynch Bages, Montrose and Pichon Baron. The chateaux took their cue from previous releases and upped prices by 39 per cent, 22 per cent and 47 per cent respectively (relative to '09 opening prices). Given the weight of the premium for Pichon Baron (which matched the price of Montrose at €132 per bottle ex-negociant), some commentators questioned whether or not the Second Growth would sell through – with or without its strong scores from the critics. You can keep up with the debate via our Twitter feed on the Liv-ex En Primeur Pages.

The table below shows today's releases. Platinum Cellar Watch subscribers can view the latest 2010 trades on liv-ex.com.

2010 releases 15-06 

Lynch Bages and Montrose both found buyers and continue to see strong bidding. The wines traded on Liv-ex at roughly the same price level as their 2009s, with the former changing hands at £1,250 per case and the latter at £1,500.

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