2010 campaign gathers pace

The past few days have seen the first stirrings of this year's En Primeur campaign. A number of well-known names from Bordeaux and Sauternes have unveiled their first 2010s, and so far release prices remain within striking distance of those of 2009. But though the majority of 2010s have been released up to ten per cent above or below last year's opening prices (in euro terms), there have been some notable exceptions. The latest offerings from Angludet (€19/bt ex-negociant) and Magdeleine (€38/bt) are both 19 per cent more expensive this year, despite bearing almost identical Parker scores to their respective '09s. In the Sauternes camp, by contrast, Suduiraut 2010 is just over 10 per cent cheaper than its predecessor (€49/bt vs. €54/bt), whilst Guiraud is six per cent cheaper (€30/bt vs. €32/bt).

The table below shows some of the most recent releases and the opening prices of their respective 2009s and 2005s.

2010 releases 
Prices are per bottle, ex-negociant.

Based on the average prices of the wines in the table, the latest vintage is around four per cent more expensive than 2009 and 12 per cent more expensive than 2005. Of course, it is still very early days and the top chateaux have yet to show their cards.

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