Bordeaux 2009 release recap

The release of Bordeaux 2009 prices remains a painfully slow process, with just a few chateaux having surfaced since the start of the week.  As far as the big names go – we’re still in tumble-weed territory.   Here’s a recap of the releases we’ve seen to date – as you can see from the data below, all the releases so far are slightly up on those seen for the 2005s.  Will the later (and bigger) releases follow the same trend?

Lanessan €9.2 p/b ex-negociant: a 20% rise on 2008 (€7.65) and up 6% on 2005 (€8.7).
Filhot €14.8 p/b ex-negociant:  up 6% on 2008 (€14.0) and 3% on 2005 (€14.4).
Fourcas Dupre €7.95 p/b ex-negociant: a 14% rise on 2008 (€6.85) and 9% on 2005 (€7.2).
Beaumont €7.2 p/b ex-negociant:  a 6% increase on 2005 (€6.8).

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