A wine investment survey

By June 20, 2008Wine Investment

A Master of Wine student recently contacted Liv-ex to ask for help with his final year dissertation:  "Is Fine Wine Currently Capable of being as Good an Investment for Private Individuals as Many in the Wine Trade Portray it to be?' 

 As part of his research he is conducting an online survey. As he says:

"My criteria for investors is that they should own wines that might at some stage be sold, i.e. I’m not just looking for pure speculators but also those people who either buy beyond their requirements to help fund future purchasing or those who simply might sell if the right opportunity arose. In other words I want to cover the whole spectrum of investors."

"The survey is completely anonymous. I have no means of identifying or contacting the respondents and the survey gives them no link to me. Responses and comments made will only be attributed to “a respondent” in my text. The survey consists of 30 questions that require opinions and wish to assess perception, rather than needing detailed answers."

If you would like to take part in this survey, click on the link below.


Click here to take part in the survey.