Fancy a flutter?

By June 13, 2008Fine Wine Market


From Monday, ODL Markets - the spread betting and securities firm – will be offering quarterly spread bets on the Liv-ex 100 Index and a number of individual wines. The ODL contract will allow investors to bet on the future direction of wine prices without taking physical delivery of the goods. It is ideal for those wishing to diversify their portfolio, hedge their cellar or simply speculate that the price of wine will go up or down without worrying about provenance, storage or insurance costs. See the ODL website for full details.


If the world of spread betting is a bit of a mystery, the Financial Times explains all. Decanter has also reported on the launch.

You can download the official press release by clicking on the link below.

Download investors_to_share_in_the_boom_in_vintage_wines_final_version.doc